Our Environment

At Country Elegance we recognise that the global environment is our single most important resource. Australia boasts some of the most beautiful countryside, flora and fauna in the world and we want to keep it that way. While the issues surrounding global warming and environmental damage are diverse and complex, we try to do our bit by encouraging our customer base to be water wise, recycle and use eco-friendly garden products. We have listed a few products below.


140l Compost tumbler

The Reln Garden 140L Compost Tumbler is ideal for small gardens and courtyards. The Reln Garden 140L Compost Tumbler is the easiest way to compost. Just load the barrel then turn it every few days, leaving you with fantastic mulch in just four weeks or rich compost in six.


240 L Compost BIN

Perfect for a medium sized suburban backyard, this 240L Compost Bin comes flat packed which makes transport super easy and putting it together a breeze.  The 240L Compost Bin will have you on your way to composting at home in no time...



Our Worm Factory® is the original worm farm that Australian gardeners know and love. Its been tried and tested over many years, and its proven to be a quick and effective way to produce worm castings and make great worm tea!